School-Based Curriculum and Features

● To carry out the student-centered, whole-people education goal by providing adaptive and multiple courses.

● To create a safe and comfortable learning environment for the students.

● To encourage students to participate in all kinds of teams and activities, such as environmental protection, international understanding, multiple intelligence, health improvement, and the like.

1. EP: Environmental Protection

  • ES: Energy Saving
  • ST: Science Team
  • GB: Green Building

2. IU: International Understanding

  • English Courses
  • Japanese Courses
  • The Exchange Program with Japan Elementary Schools
  • The Exchange Program with American Elementary Schools

3. MI: Multiple Intelligence

  • Music Team
  • Arts & Crafts Team
  • Dancing Team
  • Drama Team
  • Computer Team
  • Reading Club
  • Extra-Curricular Clubs

4. HI: Health Improvement

  • Physical Education
  • Moral Education
  • Consulting

In order to let over three thousand students have a performing platform and enjoy an unforgettable and joyful memory, school teachers spend their spare time setting rules and organizing a plenty of teams, clubs and activities instead of the five elite school teams.

● A positive and effective leadership

● An efficient administration and good communication

● A pleasant atmosphere in promoting curriculum development, consulting and evaluation

● A confident will to implement teacher training, professional development assessment

● An integrated goal to enhance efficiency, care, improvement, and teamwork


  • There are 60 teachers completed their MS degree in 2008~2009.
  • It’s the fourth year to participate the PDE (Teachers’ Professional Development Evaluation) Program of MOE.
  • There are 8 teachers to join the Advisory Group in Taichung City Education Bureau.

The principal has a kind heart but stick to what is right. The mobile management can trace teacher’s teaching quality and find out the problems. Only if there were harmony could parents feel safe to let their kids learn in school.

● A solid and supportive campus system includes resources from school faculties, parents, neighbors and community. A co-operative system lies in the active participation from parents and local residents. The ultimate goal is mutual respect, communication, education and co-operation. United we stand and prosper, divided we fall and collapse.


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