Community and Parent Participation

2010-2011 Parent Association Board: one presidet, nine vice-presidents, twenty standing committee members, twenty-five committee members, and seven consultants. Standing committee members will meet at least once a month. Committee members, standing committee members, vice‐presidents, and a president shall also be elected at each annual parent association conference,

All board members serve and participate on one committee of their choice :

1. Administration and Editing Committee :
Draft meeting notice. Receive, deliver, copy and revise official documents. Publish Hui Wen Parent Newsletter. Help ensure that parents have timely and accurate information about children education and Hui Wen Parent Association.

2. Programs and Events Committee :
Provide a support contact for parent associaton members. Promote initiatives that increase success for parent and student interaction. Facilitate a two-way communication between school and parent. Provide parents with energizing and enjoyable voluntary opportunities to become a vital part of the Hui Wen community. Plan a variety of activities such as school fair, school concert, visiting tours,yoga class, handmade soap and oil treatment workshops. A trip to Xiamen has also been planned for July, 2011.

3. Education Growth Committe :
Manage school education affairs. Hold workshops for parenting skills and for parents further eduation.

4. Parent Fund Committee :
Raise the fund. Manage and examine a budget.


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