Environment and Facility Management

● Teaching environment -
Classrooms for specific purposes According to Grade 1-9 Curriculum Guidelines, we prepare different teaching environments for different teaching purposes. Teachers can try more innovative teachings for our kids. Classrooms for many specific purposes and subjects include Science, Arts, Music, ESL, and Computer. There are also two very large classrooms that can be used for several classes at the same time. Students are exposed in many different learning experiences.

● Teaching equipment -
Since information has become an important part of modern human life, we have to integrate different forms of information into our teaching to enrich the view of our kids. A computer and a big screen are the standard equipments for all of our classrooms. For our science classroom, there are electronic whiteboards for more interactive teaching and learning about all kinds of experiments. More equipments such as electronic touching pad, electronic answering buttons, and notebooks are available for teachers.

● Library -
Our library is a bright and comfortable high-rise spacious area for kids. There are over 30,000 Chinese and English books, more than 200 DVD for teachers and students. There are also special boxed books with 35 copies of the same book for the class. Different reading levels are chose for different grades. The boxes are traveled around classes each month. It’s not only a reading material for kids, but a great teaching material for teachers.