Future Prospects

Research - Healthy and Active,   Hand in hand, heart to heart
Innovation - Apply the technology,   Explore the knowledge
Aggression - Share and appreciate,   Act of bravery
Cooperation - Parents and teachers cooperate closely,   Make great progress together
Appreciation - Concern for the local,   Cultivate the international view
Gratitude - Understanding, Respect and Concern

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Future Prospect of Hui Wen Elementary School

Hui wen elementary school (HWES) consists of teachers with different professional background. Besides normal schooling, HWES sets up at least ten school clubs. Under this diverse learning environment, students develop not only their interest but also their potential in many aspects. In addition, we expect HWES to become an environment full of physical and mental healthiness, arts performances, science exploration, integrated education, information creation and young delegates of diplomacy.

I. HW –Land of Mental and Physical Healthiness

  • Implementing the weight training program make students to form a good habit of exercise and have better physical fitness.
  • Developing the pyramid of physical education makes students establish the basic physical ability and perform their physical talents as well.
  • Put counseling into practice and make students have healthy mind
  • Take moral education seriously and make students have a good temperament
  • Put physical education into practice, improve the contents and assessments of PE, develop students’ basic physical skills
  • Collaborate with other related subjects, integrate physical fitness with teaching, teach students about knowledge and skills for physical fitness
  • Make school come alive through diverse physical activities, such as School Sports Day, jump rope activities, relay race, tug of war, swimming race, fun games and activities, after school physical school clubs etc.
  • Set up physical school clubs such as volleyball club, tracks and field club, tug of war club etc, and train physical talents
  • Combine all resources for student counseling , observe students’ behaviors, help maladjusted students, make students have a bright future
  • launch “ moral education – Politeness” plan, make students form good habits of politeness

II. HW- Cradles of Arts Performances

  • Make arts education available to all – every student is capable to play at least one instrument, implementation of arts appreciation teaching, holding after school arts school clubs
  • Offer opportunities for students to make performances – holding class concerts, talent show on Children’s Day, hallway gallery
  • Launch and support the arts school clubs
  • Hold annual arts school clubs performances
  • Hold annual talent show every April
  • Encourage students to attend music, dancing, drama, literature contests, the winners will be awarded by parents committee

III. HW – Wonderland of Science Exploration

  • Stimulate students’ interest in science
  • Cooperate with enterprises to establish the energy conservation concept and environmental protection
  • Make students prepared for the National Science fair
  • Instruct students about environmental consciousness
  • Encourage 5th and 6th Graders to concern for the science issues and make a discussion during summer vacation
  • Group an energy-saving team, make students capable to read the electricity meter and teach students about energy conservation concept
  • Lead students to create a butterfly garden with butterfly host plants
  • Cooperate with Delta Electronics Foundation for the School Energy-Saving Project, get students into good habit of energy-saving and improve the energy-wasting facilities
  • Characterize HW as an energy-saving education school, offer resources sharing and spreading

IV. HW – Experts of Information Creation

  • Integrate ICT into teaching Advance School plan
  • Make students capable to manipulate their basic computer skill in daily life
  • train those students who are interested in computer better technology skills
  • Upgrade computer facilities constantly
  • Enlarge e-teaching virtual classroom gradually
  • Train contestants for information creation contest
  • Be a Model School of information Creation

V. HW- Young Delegates of Diplomacy

  • Encourage students to make use of their four skills of English
  • Offer students opportunities to learn other foreign languages
  • Train students to be campus English tour guides
  • Enlarge students’ view and expand culture interchange through establishing a collaborative international partnership with schools in different nations
  • Undertake English teaching
  • Implement the campus English tour guide project
  • Encourage teachers and students to be pen pals with our sister schools
  • Record videos, audios about Chinese Festival Celebration, concerts and dramas in English and share them with our sister schools

VI. HW- Treasure Land of Integration Education

  • Build a barrier-free environment for the mentally and physically disabled students
  • Encourage normal students to help the mentally and physically disabled students
  • Arrange the mentally and physically disabled students to take six to eight periods weekly in the special education resource room
  • 91 teachers with three credits for special education and 9 teachers with master degree in special education
  • Recruit volunteers to teach the disabled students about the self-care ability
  • Co-teach between general and special education teachers and make teaching more effective
  • Train students to become Angel of Compassion to help disabled students
  • Hold the special education activities to let normal students experience the inconvenience of movements and understand disabled students