Student Affairs and Counseling

Nutrition Education                                           Nutrition Education

Traffic Safety Education                                           Morality Education

● HWES promotes feasible, deliberate and educational activities.

● HWES emphasizes the importance of potential courses, which results in a fair and consistent reward-punishment mechanism. Meanwhile, it also promotes headline issues such as human rights, law and justice, environmental protection, energy conservation, in order to give children correct ideas.

Class Meeting                                           Dancing Team

Warm-up Exercise Competition                                           Volley Ball Team

● HWES starts her environmental and physical education with a rewarding strategy, thus ranks herself a leading “eyesight-care” institution.

● Publish “Counseling News” and “Hui Wen Journal” periodically. With integrated teaching methods, HWES cultivates the kids to cherish and respect life while establishes a harmonic bi-sexual atmosphere.

Duties of Counseling Section

  • planning students guidance work and the implementation of group counseling
  • planning to promote the honor system and enhance students’self-confidence
  • planning theme activities, such as Life Education, Gender Equity, Emotional Management, Career Development Education, Interpersonal Communication, Effective Learning and so on
  • helping students adapt to the environment, enhance self-awareness and the ability to adapt to life
  • planning counseling workshops for teachers
  • planning developing group for parents and teachers
  • establishing mechanism of voluntary guidance for community volunteers to help students guidance work
  • showing concerns to the disadvantaged students and planning related school work guidance program

Goals for Volunteers(PA) :

  • promoting parental education
  • being traffic guiding volunteers
  • helping librarianship
  • assisting school landscaping
  • story-telling and promoting reading activities
  • offering guidance for special education students
  • supporting school administration work
  • planning workshops and seminars to improve effeciency
  • supporting school sport games and holding flee market activities
  • holding activities to enhance cohesion between volunteers