Teachers' Profession and Development

● Teachers’professional groups -
Our teachers with the same interest form groups to discuss and participate different activities. During year 2010, our teachers had formed 4 different professional groups. They were “Creative artwork”, “Reading in English”, “ About Volleyball”, and “Green- Thumbs”. The members of “Creative artwork” group are mostly art and 1-2 grader teachers. They painted, drew, and also made books. The English group contains not only English teachers but also other members in school from different fields. Many PE teachers discussed, exposed, and played volleyball with each others so many times during the entire year. Our science teachers and some green lovers got to know the plants in the campus, learned to make specimen, and played many other interesting activities about the plants and insects of our campus. The four groups each with 6-10 people, totally there were 31 teachers participate in different groups.

In year 2011, 33 teachers are in the four groups, but members and topics are different. There are two art groups, one is trying to do puppets, and another is focusing on painting. The English group is trying different aspects in teaching and the PE group is playing badminton this time.

Teachers’ professional development -
Among the 147 teachers in Hui-Wen, 45 are with master degrees and one teacher is with Ph.D degree. There are another 3 are working on Ph.D and 35 for master degree right now. If all of them finish their study in a few years, there will be over 57% of our teachers are with their master or Ph.D degree in their own profession.

Professional Teacher Development Project -
Hui-Wen has participated in the Professional Teacher Development Project proposed by Department of Education (DOE) for four years continuously. The number of teachers participated in the project has been growing over the year, from 22 in year 96 to 42 teachers in year 99. More teachers will be experiencing evaluate the teaching and learning performance of ourselves and peers and try to improve ourselves.